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When you are suffering from an unexpected problem or injury, require reconstructive surgery to correct your foot deformity, or you simply require routine foot care, we are the provider you need. Our professional team of board-certified physicians and assistants is equipped to handle a comprehensive range of medical foot conditions, injuries, and other problems.

​You can be assured – we have a committment to excellence when it comes to your care!

Diabetic Foot Care

Individuals with diabetes are more prone to develop foot problems. Even everyday concerns can rapidly worsen and lead to serious consequences. These complications often occur when there is nerve damage, commonly known as diabetic neuropathy.  There can also be loss of feeling with accompanying burning and tingling pain in your feet.  Poor blood flow and changes in the appearance or shape of your feet may contribute to these problems.  Preventative care is essential!  Most insurance carriers will cover services provided in our office related to Diabetes.

Wound Care

Non-healing and chronic wounds are often associated with diabetes and circulatory problems.  They can be painful, upsetting, and even limb threatening.  Even with good care, they can be very difficult to heal. Whatever the cause, it’s important to diagnose chronic wounds early so they can be treated promptly. In addition to preventitive care, our doctors are highly trained and experienced wound care specialists.  We have access to the most current and modern techniques to heal your wound.  Our doctors work closely with other specialists and local wound care centers to provide you with the best care possible.  A wound that is not healing is getting worse every day.  Do not delay in seeking treatment!

Ingrown Nails

Ingrown toenails are a very common problem affecting primarily the nails of the great toes. This problem can occur at any age from children to senior citizens.  They are caused by an abnormal shape or thickening of the nail plate that causes the growth of the edge of the nail into the tender skin of the toe. The abnormal pressure caused by an ingrown toenail may result in a break in the skin, causing inflammation and infection.  Our doctors can provide comprehensive treatment for ingrown nails and all other nail deformities including fungal infections.  Long-term mangement by permanent surgical correction of ingrown nail deformities is a time-tested and highly successful procedure.  Don't live with the pain of an ingrown nail!


Heel Pain

National studies have shown that the number one reason for an individual to seek the services of a foot specialist is heel pain.  It is both common and easily treated.  Our doctors follow a well-established program for treatment of heel pain that will relieve your pain, return you to activity, and help prevent recurrences or relapses.  Although most heel pain is caused by an overuse injury called plantar fasciitis, our doctors are well-versed in the treatment of all causes including Achilles tendonitis, nerve injury, and heel spurs.  Don't suffer another day!


Warts are benign soft tissue growths that are caused by the human papilloma (HPV) virus.  They are simple to diagnose. but sometimes very difficult to treat.  Warts occur primarily in children and adolescents, but can also be found in any age group.  Our doctors use a combination of proven traditional and modern techniques to treat these painful skin lesions.  If there is any question about the appearance of a skin growth, biopsy can readily be performed in our office.  Our doctors work closely with the dermatologists and plastic surgeons in our community to provide you with the best possible care.


For more information about the profession of Podiatry and detailed information about your foot problem:


Surgical Correction of  Foot Deformities

Our first goal is to relieve the pain and disability associated with your bunions and hammertoes without surgery. But when non-surgical treatments are not enough, reconstructive surgery can relieve your pain, correct your foot deformity, and help you return to your favorite shoes and activities. Our highly trained, experienced and Board Certified foot surgeons can help you decide if surgery is the best option for you.  They can guide you through the process.  Modern surgical techniques and anesthesia have greatly simplified and improved the art and science of reconstructive foot surgery.  Relief of your foot pain has never been easier!


Orthotics provide support for the foot by distributing pressure and realigning foot joints while standing, walking and during exercise.  Our doctors are experts in the science of foot biomechanics and have many years of experience in the fabrication of prescription custom-molded foot orthotics.  As a cost effective alternative, we offer the ProTech line of PowerStep orthotics.  With both individualized  custom devices and excellent pre-formed othotics now available, our doctors will help you determine which type of orthotic will be the best choice for your  specific foot type and problem.  As an option when you can't wear a traditional orthotic, we also offer the Spenco Orthotic Sandals.  Now you can have the support of an orthotic in your casual and Summer footware!


Sports Injuries

Common athletic foot injuries include heel and arch pain (plantar fasciitis), Achilles tendonitis,  ankle sprains, stress fractures, metatarsal pain, and shin splint syndrome. Symptoms include pain, swelling, and impaired function.  Our physicians have in-depth knowledge of the individual sports and the injuries that are commonly associated with them.  We will work with you, your trainers, and physical therapists to get you back on your feet.  Before you know it, you will be enjoying your sport and leisure time again!


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